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3 Day Hunger Reset

It can sometimes seem from before Thanksgiving through Valentines Day there is a diabolical plot against a healthy body. We have more exposure and opportunity to eat foods we don’t ordinarily consume for weeks on end. The Holiday Season is laden with feasts, celebrations and parties all surrounding yummy but sugary, sauce heavy, starchy, fattening foods in mass quantities. This can throw the body in to a cycle of off balanced overeating, weight gain, gas and digestive disturbances just mentioning a few.

The 3 DAY HUNGER RESET may just be the ticket to gain back control over the rumbles in your tummy and a runaway appetite. The body sends a better signal of being full with nutrient dense or nutrient rich foods. We will focus on great tasting, whole live raw foods. Our intent will be to reset the hunger and appetite so as to desire healthier nutrient dense whole foods.

The “How To” We will be employing a few of the methods to reset hunger and appetite:

Focus on nutrient rich foods Atophagy Hydration Rest and Moderate Exercise

Over the 3 days the intent will be to consume two smoothies or fresh squeezed juices and a sensible whole live meal.

Focusing on nutrition will come in the form of whole live foods. For the 3 days the goal will be to only eat live raw foods for the most part. Including raw fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds. Excluding (for the most part) dairy, meat, pasta, and breads (grains etc). The body sends a better signal of being full or satiated with whole foods than sugary fatty starchy unhealthy foods. This stands to reason why it is so much easier to overeat chips than fruit or vegetables. While usually not as emotionally satisfying this 3 day investment will greatly aid our endeavor to regain balance in the appetite.

Autophagy is defined as destruction of damaged or redundant cellular components occurring vacuoles with in the cells. In other words it is the body’s way of cleaning out damaged cells in order to regenerate newer healthier cells. There are numerous ways to encourage autophagy but for our reset we will use intermittent fasting. A 14-16 hour rest between our last meal and our first smoothie or juice is enough to encourage the body to clean house. Some of the many benefits include anti-aging, new cell growth especially in the brain, heart and digestive function.

Hydration many times we mistake hunger for thirst. Some research suggest that at least 70% of people are chronically dehydrated. Combined with eating the Standard American Diet or the SAD diet is very detrimental to the overall health and wellness of the body. Every chemical reaction in the body needs water as a catalyst. By fully hydrating the body during the reset will also help reign in the hunger mechanism with added benefits for the entire body. The aim will be to drink at least your body weight divided by 2 equals the number of ounces per day. Example would be 200 pounds divided by 2 equals 100 ounces per day.

Rest– when we are at rest the body kills and destroys damaged and diseased cells 2/3 faster than our waking hours. This is a key factor in why we need to just lay down when feeling ill. It gives the body extra energy to go after the bad guys and build and repair the body.

The following is a rough outline of the plan with recipes to follow

DAY ONE Warm ginger lemon water Smoothie or Juice (smoothie is recommended for the fiber) Snack Smoothie or Juice Meal Snack or Smoothie 14-16 hour rest from digestion

DAY TWO Warm ginger lemon water Smoothie or Juice Snack Smoothie or Juice Snack Smoothie or Soup Snack 14-16 hour rest from digestion

DAY THREE Warm ginger lemon water Smoothie or Juice (smoothie is recommended for the fiber) Snack Smoothie or Juice Meal Snack or Smoothie 14-16 hour rest from digestion

Recipes and additional info to follow

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