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Drills Spills and Thrills

I recently decided to rebel against the conformity of how an over 50++ year old woman acts and moves through life.


Over the last 5 or so months and the last 11 weeks I changed things up a bit. I left a job after 22 years and 11 weeks ago I started tumbling after a 35 year hiatus. On both accounts I’ve faced fear, terror, trembling, insecurity and a lot of self doubt.

11 weeks ago just a few months into the career change I sent out emails to local tumbling gyms and the first one to respond was #justicetumblingco. I was fortunate to book a private lesson with the owner Rusty Bratzler.

I did NOT want to be in classes with 4-20 year olds bouncing around like rubber bands. So exactly like starting with a new company #BencoDental I was riddled with fear. Waves of fear washed over me as I walked into the gym the first time.

On both big changes I have been stretched far beyond my comfort zone. Tumbling has left me sore beyond belief. At times I feel like a cross between having the flu coupled with whiplash from a car accident. I wake up most days excited to be a seasoned new team member at Benco Dental and looking forward to coming home to stretch and challenge myself some more. My weekly tumbling classes scare and invigorate me.

Conformity can be defined as being compliant, to act in accordance with prevailing standards. Rebellious can be defined as one who rises in opposition to traditions, a person who resists traditions. I am rebelling in career and physicality against what it looks like to move through life at “this age”

My take away is to encourage others of “a certain age” to push beyond personal expectations, cultural traditions, and stories we hold about age.

Benco has embraced me, Rusty coaches/pushes me and my husband spots and cheers me on along with many friends. When people have asked “WHY are you doing that?” I can attest it invigorates me and caused a braveness I did not previously possess.

A big thank you to Coach Rusty and my husband Jay. I have been supported, encouraged and proud of myself for facing things that have riddled me with fear and trembling. I mean literal trembling. It has been worth every ounce of energy, sweat, pain and effort exerted. I have a few more months to accomplish my tumbling goals thankfully. I am not where I want to be but I am closer than I was. The drills, spills and thrills fill me with new life.

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